We have built a machine
that materializes dreams. 
We have
been calling it Ritual


There are moments when your imagination runs wild and you manage to see a crack in the fabric of reality. That's where Ritual comes into play. We spend hours looking at how to make the impossible happen. We nourish imagination with more imagination, pushing the boundaries of each other until a common hallucination is found. The source of our dreams and the magic we manifest.


Is a brand we created at Club Chinois. It is a captivating, immersive event, a metaphysical journey into a dystopic metropolis. We created beautiful scenography, characters and costumes and music curation.


Is a conceptual event we created with our community, starting from 6pm and continuing through until 6am, celebrating artists. With DJs, live musicians, acrobatic performances, art, nature, food and drinks, Woomoon is a nourishing event where magic exists.

"We truly believe our world can be created one baby step at a time."


HU.MA is an immersive experience conceived through a creative camp we put together. In Konvent, a former nun's convent and textile colony that has been converted into an experimental laboratory, HU.MA takes guests through a collage of conceptual life experiences.


We are a team of creatives from all fields of movement dance, theater, music, design, production, lightning, styling and dreamers. A family of enthusiasts with a common vision, to create together as a community, bringing intention to our art that always reminds us of our humanity. Collectively working with some of the leading projects and events around he world, we have come together with a joint passion and purpose.
Photography Seb Leon & Aida Vargas